Wednesday, December 30, 2009 NFL Power Rankings (Week 17)

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Going out with a bang seems like a New York Giants kind of thing to do but while playing their final home game in Giants Stadium, someone must have misread the script.

New York’s 32-point loss to Carolina on Sunday was the second biggest blowout in a team’s final home game at its stadium since 1970! Only the 1995 St. Louis Rams, who lost to San Francisco by 34 points before closing the doors to Busch Stadium for the last time, have lost by a bigger margin.

Adding insult to injury, the Giants were also eliminated from the playoff hunt this weekend and to make matters even worse, the men in blue took a two-point drop in the weekly Power Rankings chart.
Here is the latest edition; note the shakeup in the Top 5!
GYI0050840577.jpg Week 17 NFL Power Rankings
1. Indianapolis Colts – Manning takes a seat, Curtis ‘paints’ an ugly picture as backup and the Colts fall to 14-1 SU. Good for Jim Caldwell! The pressure’s gone and now he can do whatever he wants with his lineup in Buffalo and not worry about dealing with all this hullaballoo during bye week.

2. Philadelphia Eagles – Ask anyone in the NFC which team nobody wants to face in first round of playoffs and the answer is unanimous. Eagles are hot!

3. San Diego Chargers – Chargers are starting to make it look easy, clinching first round bye with win in Tennessee.

4. New England Patriots – There is never any question of this team’s potency on home turf and by securing the AFC East the Pats have guaranteed one game at Foxboro.

5. New Orleans Saints – Back-to-back losses ratchet the Saints down a bit. What happened to that new found run defense?

6. Minnesota Vikings – If nothing more, Favre has added a fourth quarter threat this team hasn’t known in years. The Vikes are never out with him under center.

7. Green Bay Packers – Who doesn’t want to see a rematch between No. 4 and the Pack in the post-season?

8. Cincinnati Bengals – We’re going to cut Ocho and the Cinqo’s a little slack because they won but that was Kansas City’s defense that Cinci was having trouble moving against.

9. Arizona Cardinals – Back-to-back home games to finish the season are next best thing to a bye week for QB Warner and the Cards.

10. Dallas Cowboys – We’ve seen Tony Romo grow to a new level in the past two weeks and somehow, a trip to Mexico in January doesn’t seem like it’s in the plans for the new Romo.

11. Denver Broncos – Flirting dangerously close to a playoff miss but with Kansas City coming to Mile High this week, Broncos should live to fight another day.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers – Finding a way to win but Week 17 trip to Miami will likely be only visit to Dolphin Stadium for reigning champs.

13. Baltimore Ravens – Shot themselves in the foot so many times in fourth quarter at Pittsburgh the gun run out of bullets.

14. Houston Texans – Its déjà vu all over again as team tries one more time to find out what it feels like to be a winner.

15. Miami Dolphins – Not so potent now that everyone has caught onto the wildcat.

16. Carolina Panthers – Give HC Fox credit for one thing; he’s the only guy in charge of a sub-.500 team that has not been called for one “C’mon Man” all year in the Monday Night Football pregame show.

17. Tennessee Titans – Santa was none too kind to the Titans on Christmas but the New Year is looking bright. (Titans are in Seattle this week)

18. New York Giants – Figuring this team out in the off-season is going to take the best team of specialist’s money can buy. Where to start?

19. New York Jets – The `83 NYJ are 3rd on the list, losing by 27 to PGH in final home game at Shea. I think NYJ play final game at home next weekend and although it’s not really their stadium, they will be coming off big win over IND. How will the guys respond?

20. Atlanta Falcons – Owner Arthur Blank has declared that new ‘Super Bowl’ goal for his team is finishing above .500 for second straight year. Talk about making best of a bad situation.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars – Wrong time at the wrong place is all you can say about that trip to Boston in Week 16. What happened to the team that almost beat the Colts straight-up?

22. San Francisco 49ers – Keep an eye on this team for plays at the half. Great half-time adjustments by Singletary can give this team second-half value.

23. Chicago Bears – Fans wonder where Jay Cutler’s game management has been hiding all season; Cutler wonders where his pass protection suddenly came from (15 weeks too late). Lovie Smith wonders whether an upset would be enough to save his job.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Bucs were the only ones in the house that didn’t think that Saints field goal attempt was good! Congrats on possibly biggest upset of the year.

25. Washington Redskins – Trip to San Diego on-deck for the Skins and Jim Zorn is already checking the market for retirement homes.

26. Cleveland Browns –HC Mangini is like an evil super hero that’s discovered a new power and can’t resist the urge to use it for his advantage. New found RB Harrison was fed the ball 39 times in win against Raiders.

27. Seattle Seahawks – Losing seventh road game of the season could not have possibly looked any worse than that performance in Green Bay.

28. Oakland Raiders – This is the point where we have to start looking really hard for positives. Did you know Sebastian Janikowski kicked a 61-yard field goal against the Browns on Sunday?

29. Kansas City Chiefs – Three wins, one of them at home and one against the division. As far as rebuilding year’s go, the Chiefs pretty well nailed it.

30. Buffalo Bills – Not even the fans in Buffalo noticed Brian Brohm’s awful performance at Atlanta.

31. St. Louis Rams – Divisional games continue to be a thorn in the side of Steve Spagnuolo and as he searches for first-ever home win the 49ers are all that stands in his way.

32. Detroit Lions – Drew Stanton finally gets a chance and blows it. Daunte Culpepper should just retire.

You can read more power rankings and get NFL picks at

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Night Football Vikings vs. Bears Live Streaming

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By Jarvis Simes

Monday Night vikings Chicago Bears Live

Watch Minnesota Vikings Vs Chicago Bears Live Stream Online free

Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings are back in the primetime spotlight once again this week, traveling to Chicago to face the Bears on Monday Night Football.

Playing on the road hasn’t been a strong spot for the Vikings when it comes to covering the spread and last week’s 26-7 loss at Carolina was the latest in a current 1-3 ATS slump. Online sportsbooks have this line pegged as Minnesota -7, with an Over/Under number of 41.

We talked about this game in our sports betting live chat Sunday morning at, looking at the different factors that will play a role in handicapping the matchup. We will also have a full breakdown of the game on our live streaming sports betting TV show at on Monday.

When the Bears’ season went south long ago the team was reduced to the role of spoiler, but they haven’t really excelled in that department either, posting an 0-7 ATS record since Week 8. Offensive point production for Chicago has reduced in each game for three consecutive weeks, culminating with last week’s disappointing 31-7 loss at Baltimore.

First-year QB Jay Cutler, acquired in a trade from the Denver Broncos, is being held accountable for some of the team’s offensive futility and rightfully so. With five more interceptions in the final two games of the season Cutler would surpass Favre’s decade-high mark for picks in a season. Cutler has tossed the ball at the wrong team 25 times this season and the record is 29, set in 2005 when Favre was with the Packers.

Minnesota is tied at 26th for lowest number of interceptions with the Detroit Lions, but no one in the Windy City is putting it past Cutler to find another new way to look bad. Especially considering that Minny leads the NFL in sacks with 43.

The Bears will have to look to the ground game against a Viking defense that ranks 4th in the league. If Chicago tries to rely too heavily on the pass early, Minnesota’s pass rush could overwhelm an offensive line that has endured a rash of injuries the past three months. RB Matt Forte is the go-to guy and although Forte hasn’t broken the 100-yard plateau since Week 4 (against the Lions), his yards-per-carry has been on the rise for three-straight weeks.

Following Chicago’s latest loss to the Vikings, 36-10 in Week 12, the Bears rebounded with a winning effort at home against the St. Louis Rams. Online sportsbooks had odds set for that game at Chicago -9.5 and their 17-9 win was not enough for a cover, but it will take another bounce back effort this week against a Vikings team that was provided with an added incentive after Tampa Bay’s shocking overtime defeat of the New Orleans Saints.

With a second consecutive loss the Saints are now vulnerable to a Viking invasion that could create a turnover for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Minnesota would have to win out and the Saints would have to lose for a third straight time next week when they face the Carolina Panthers but for the Vikings it is all about starting with a win against an old rival in Chicago.

Monday Night Football weather: Bad weather that was originally forecasted to last into Monday at Soldier Field is starting to break up and rain or snow will not be a factor but the temperature at kickoff will be in the low 20’s, not exactly the kind of thing a dome team like the Vikes is accustomed to dealing with.

This will be the first cold-weather game Minnesota has played since Week 17 of the 2007 season when they lost 22-19 straight up as a three-point underdog at Denver. Playing in frigid conditions from late-November or December you have to look back as far as 1999 to find Minnesota’s latest straight-up win, 34-17 against the New York Giants.

Since then Minnesota is 0-11 SU and 5-6 ATS, covering the spread just once since 2002. For Over/Under bettors that like to take a look at totals, the Vikings have produced 3 overs, 6 unders and had 2 pushes in these 11 late-season outdoor affairs.

This could be an opportunity to bet on the dog.

Enjoy the game.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

MMA Picks: Getting Picks in Early

By Kumo

Online sportsbooks have embraced MMA as much as the mainstream media has, with most of them putting up MMA odds on all the fights. One of the things I believe is important to making a profit when betting on MMA is to look for great line value very early. I’ve been saying this often in our MMA picks and analysis forum over at (there is great MMA info there every day)…if you are into betting on the events, you want to make sure you have a look at the odds when they are first posted at your sportsbook, as you can find some gems.

Yes, you can also run some risk of additional news coming in that goes against your original bet, or after doing some more in-depth handicapping you realize you’re not as confident about the matchup and the fighter you chose, absolutely it can happen. That said, if you have done your homework, know the fighters, assess the lines properly and pick your spots, you can find some real gems when you step up when the lines first hit.

Let's take the last UFC as an example. Early lines appeared for Penn at around -190 or so. If you look at value, Pen at under -200 is awesome. Considering he was in great shape and came off the Florian fight with gas still in the tank, Penn was a good bet against anyone in the division, especially at anything under -200. BJ came in about -300 before the event, which was still decent but it wasn't sub two-hundred. An early commitment would have paid out handsomely.

The Alexander/Slice fight for the Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale showed this trend as well. With Alexander opening around -120 at most online sportsbooks and then gaining momentum as the favorite, he closed at the -300 range. An early bet would have been a good bet. If Alexander won of course. This just reminds us that we have to do our homework on the fighters as well. As you know, there's more to the bet than the making sure you get great odds.

If you know who you want to bet and will stick with that choice no matter how the action affects the lines, an early bet should be considered. Check out the day the lines come out as we always have a healthy discussion and a few early picks. Futures on your favorites can be a great value. Don't rush in though, but watch closely and when you see some movement and the direction they take, you should start considering your choices.

The main thing is to check lines early and to keep checking back. The next most important thing is to place the bet, because if you don't wager, you can't win.

Good luck with your MMA Picks.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top Sports Betting Sites

Searching for sports betting information to help beat the book is a part of the handicapping process that can lead bettors to some very interesting destinations. There are a handful of helpful sites on the net that can only be found through a combination of cautious scepticism and reading between the lines, but once bettors get there it becomes a part of the daily routine.

You can check sites such as,, and for great information and discussion amongst sports bettors. Along with good information on placing bets and comparing odds, winning picks are obviously very important when it comes to what makes a site a good one., a sports betting social networking site, has found a strong balance between top information and winning picks.

One member of the team, Sonny Palermo, has mixed his bookmaking skills with hardcore handicapping to generate a winning record for his ‘teammates’ at BetRepublic with his basketball top plays hitting at a 70% (35-15) since the start of the season. All those plays have been given out either on the site, or on the BetRepublic TV show, the Daily Line.

Along with making NFL and NBA picks, Sonny also publishes the profiles behind the play and his top NBA systems are hitting at an impressive 32-4 since the season tipped off; that’s 89-percent!

All the records, plays and "live" profiles at are documented in the ‘Stadiums’ where teammates congregate to share information. The site also airs ‘The Daily Line’ from Monday to Friday at 3 pm ET that is entirely dedicated to sportsbetting.

Greg Dempson is a part of the team, doing what Greg has done best for more than 30 years – sharing systems and winning picks to.

Along with NFL and NBA the site has a loyal following of NHL betting enthusiasts that share picks daily and an in-house hockey handicapper Jarvis Simes has been red-hot since the beginning of December. Jarvis has posted an 11-2 (85%) record since November 30, sharing picks on the Daily Line and publishing each selection with a write-up in the Stanley Cup Stadium as well. puts up their top five NFL picks each week (55% winners so far) and their unique NFL power rating picks are published every week of the season (they are on a very impressive 7-0-1 ATS run this month to push their overall season mark to 38-26-1 ATS, almost 60%).

One of the best parts of this site is that all of the information is available for free; by sports bettors, for sports bettors. It’s definitely one of the few sports betting destinations that are worth a look.

By Teddy Sharp

Friday, December 18, 2009

BetRebublic Premier League Stats and Bets

BetRebublic Premier League Stats and Bets

Where do sports betting expert James Eastham and former pro footballer Steve Claridge think the betting value is this weekend?

Find out in this week's Premier League Preview Show, now streaming on

Here are a few of their tips for this weekend:


Arsenal’s only defeat in seven home games was v Chelsea (0-3). They have scored more than three-and-a-half goals a game in their other six home matches

Hull have yet to win away. They’ve drawn two and lost six of their eight away games

Hull have conceded more than two-and-a-half goals a game in their eight away games

Hull have scored in five out of eight away games

Recommended Bets:

Over 3 goals (19/20)

Both teams to score (11/8)


Aston Villa have won five of eight home games this season

Aston Villa in outstanding form: they have won five and drawn two of their last seven matches in all competitions

Villa have lost just one of their last 13 games in all competitions

Stoke have drawn four of their eight away games

Recommended Bets:

Aston Villa -1.25 Asian handicap (21/20)

Over 2.5 goals (21/20)


Blackburn’s only home defeat was v Man City (0-2) on the opening day of the season

Tottenham have won only one of their last six away games

Three of the last four head-to-heads have ended in draws

Recommended Bets:

Draw (7/3)

Both teams to score (4/6)


Fulham have won four of their last five home games

Five of Fulham’s last six games have had under 2.5 goals

Man Utd have won five and lost three away games this season

Fulham have won just one of eight Premier League head-to-heads

Recommended Bets:

Fulham +1 Asian handicap (11/10)

Under 2.5 goals (17/20)

Check out bets for all the Premier League matches by Steve Claridge and James Eastham over at

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 NFL Power Rankings Week 15

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Not wanting to overreact, when the Pittsburgh Steelers lost straight-up to Cleveland last Thursday our power ranking minds immediately started pondering how much weight the upset should have on overall ratings. The Steelers were No. 9 on last week’s chart but that loss was not the kind of football we’ve come to expect over the past few years from this team.

NFL-power-rankings -15

It must be a similar situation for an online sportsbook when writing a line after such a surprising lack of effort from an inherently good team. Do you make them a big dog the next week or bank on public support for the team that was upset to dust off and come back strong?

If the rankings were based on the past month Big Ben would probably be positioned somewhere down near the Ryan Fitzpatrick’s and Josh Freeman’s of the league. But the ratings our based on full season performance so the damage isn’t quite that severe yet but still, Mike Tomlin’s squad needed to be penalized.

Pittsburgh fan - if it’s any consolation, Denver and Dallas have joined Pittsburgh in the group of let-downs but that probably doesn’t help much, does it? No, we didn’t think so. Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

1. New Orleans Saints – Win establishes new franchise record for victories in a season (13) but Saints are becoming bad-beat specialists for Over/Under bettors. Fake field goal on 4th-and-7 from the 15?

2. Indianapolis Colts – Colts defense is quietly becoming difference that could keep this team perfect regardless of who is calling signals under center in fourth quarter.

3. Minnesota Vikings – Jasper Brinkley is linebacker who took place of EJ Henderson as Vikes extend streak of not allowing 100-plus rushers to 35 games.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – This is really shaping up like a Week 17 replay of last season when Eagles crushed Cowboys 44-6. Philly gets back-to-back home chances to make Dallas outcome moot.

5. New England Patriots – Notice how drama in Foxboro is starting to get more attention than the actual football.

6. San Diego Chargers – It was nice of Norv to let anyone in Denver think they ever had a chance of winning this division.

7. Cincinnati Bengals – Run game is there and Chris Henry is gone but Cinci needs to get its deep passing game working or it’s going to be a one-and-done.

8. Arizona Cardinals – Notice how the top eight teams are all made up of division leaders? Arizona still saving its best games for last few weeks.

9. Green Bay Packers – This is youngest overall team in the NFL for third time in last four years. It’s been a contributing factor towards high number of penalties but at this point in the season it is becoming inexcusable.

10. Baltimore Ravens – It may have only been the Lions but there is no questioning what butters the bread for that Ravens offense. Run-game has crept to eighth-best in the league.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers – Early lines indicate that bookmakers still have faith. Maybe the extra days of prep are what Steelers need; after all, their last win was at Denver following bye week.

12. Denver Broncos – Handicapping Broncos is fairly simple: They lose to every team with a shot at making the playoffs and beat up on the bad teams. Hello Oakland!

13. Dallas Cowboys – Romo and Phillips both look ready to move on but you’ve got to love that big screen TV!

14. Miami Dolphins – First thing you need to know: Fish are 14th against the run giving up 106 yards per game. Second thing: Titan run-game has not been stopped at home since Week 5.

15. Houston Texans – QB Schaub throws for 365 yards doing just enough to keep Texans on pace for shot at .500. Maybe the next step is to not include Gary Kubiak in gameplan.

16. New York Giants – Quite a finale for Eagles’ last ever visit. Hope last one out turned off the lights.

17. Tennessee Titans – Vince Young’s hamstring didn’t look good so Titans already thin playoff hopes may now be clinging to the arm of Kerry Collins.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars – Loss to Miami wasn’t nearly as close as the final score indicates. Jags are the imposter of the AFC playoff picture and won’t be there for long.

19. Atlanta Falcons – Given the injuries Atlanta’s 6-7 record is pretty respectable. Team is 8-5 ATS, too, and could be a good cover team each of next three weeks.

20. Washington Redskins – We don’t want to be an “I told you so,” but did you see our Fantasy Football tip of the week run in Oakland? RB Quinton Ganther is the new Clinton Portis.

21. New York Jets – Rex Ryan defensive system really starting to kick in. Now if the Jets could just face the Bills and Bucs the rest of the way they’d be playoff bound in no time.

22. San Francisco 49ers – One thing about playing for Mike Singletary, you won’t find any quitters on this team.

23. Carolina Panthers – Things are starting to fall into place for Carolina and they should serve as a good warm-up team for the playoffs for their next two or three opponents; possibly even a good dog play.

24. Seattle Seahawks – If there’s any team in need of retooling this off-season, Seattle could be it. And this job will not be for the faint of heart.

25. Chicago Bears – This team is lacking urgency and focus; if players can’t realize they still need to play hard for shot at playoffs they should at least realize their jobs are on the line.

26. Oakland Raiders – Did QB Gradkowski play well enough before season-ending injury to unseat Russell from No. 1 spot for next year? Ball is in your court now JaMarcus.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Starting with the Bucs, see if you can name the three teams that fired their offensive coordinators just before the season began.

28. Buffalo Bills – That’s two! (And you’re getting warmer)

29. Kansas City Chiefs – For final game of three-week home stand the Chiefs get the Browns
(2-11). KC lost by 29 to Denver (8-5) and just six points to Bills (5-8). Early money says home side wins and by the way, the Chiefs are the third.

30. Cleveland Browns – Beating Steelers gets Mang-idiot a two-spot bounce. Browns are at KC in Week 15, eying out that 29 spot.

31. St. Louis Rams – Rams beat Lions in Week 8 to show they were not the worst and now it looks as if they will burn Detroit again by finishing below them in the standings. Brilliant!

32. Detroit Lions – Enjoyed brief stint out of cellar after beating Cleveland but that loss to Baltimore has likely poured concrete over tomb of another lost season.

Check out for NFL picks, more NFL power ratings, power rating plays and live sports betting TV.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Celestial Halo takes on Punjabi at Cheltenham

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Celestial Halo takes on Punjabi at Cheltenham


A fascinating renewal on Saturday of the International Hurdle features the winner and runner-up of last season's Champion Hurdle. looks at the event at Cheltenham:

In March, the Nicky Henderson-trained outsider Punjabi held off Celestial Halo, from the Paul Nicholls yard.

But Celestial Halo is odds-on favourite for Saturday's big race at Cheltenham.
Punjabi has been off the racecourse since May, whereas his rival won by an impressive 10 lengths on his seasonal bow at Wincanton last month.
Horse -1
Henderson believes Punjabi, who will be ridden by Barry Geraghty, might be in need of the run when he returns to the course where he stunned 26 rivals last spring, landing odds of 22-1.
He wasn't ready to run in the Fighting Fifth, which is the route he's taken before, but he's in good form. I just needed another couple of weeks with him and that has gone well.

"He's a notoriously stuffy individual but he's done plenty of work now. I have to say I think he'll come on for the run but he's ready to go.

"Celestial Halo has already run this season which is a big advantage at this time of year and we all know the Champion Hurdle is in March not December, but this is a big, recognised race for this time of the year.

"He's got to carry his Grade One penalty, but in fairness quite a few of them have."

Sired by Derby winner Galileo, Celestial Halo, still just five, had his first big win when landing Cheltenham's Triumph Hurdle in March 2008 - and is bound to benefit from Ruby Walsh's supreme riding skills.

And with Nicholls having enticed fine performances from star chasers Kauto Star and Denman in recent weeks it is no surprise he is such a warm order in the betting.

Of the other runners, Medermit, trained by Alan King, is the one likeliest to stop this being a straight duel. He was beaten by a tiny margin in last season's Triumph Hurdle and rarely runs a disappointing race. Robert Thornton rides him.

William Hill prices (to open an account click here)

Celestial Halo 8/11

Punjabi 9/4

Medermit 6/1

Khyber Kim 8/1

Ashkazar 14/1

Cape Tribulation 33/1

Ebadiyan 33/1

Songe 50/1

Oslot 100/1

Secret Dancer 100/1 Betting Recommendation:

There is absolutely no point in looking past Celestial Halo in this race and he is certain to be one of the weekend's big gambles. He wasn't expected to be at his best on his first run of the season at Wincanton last month but still managed to win by 10 lengths. He will be even better on Saturday on a course he loves. Punjabi, on the other hand, will come on for the run and his trainer would surely admit his charge can't win this race against a horse as in-form and classy as the favourite. Take the 8/11 on Celestial Halo and bet to maximum stakes.

Check for more Football, Horse Racing, Cricket and North American sports betting tips.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 NFL Power Rankings Week 14

Any given Sunday was the case last week in the NFL, as the Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals all sent the mighty tumbling to the mat. And Washington probably should have beat the Saints, but the outcome of that game epitomizes the “day late, dollar short” story that will cap Jim Zorn’s short career once the season is over.

The Bengals strengthened their foothold in the top five of our rankings, but the next two weeks (at Minnesota, at San Diego) will show us Cincinnati’s real playoff potential.

Check for tons of free picks each week and our innovative sports betting TV show every day.

Week 14 NFL Power Rankings


1. New Orleans Saints –WR Robert Meachem averaging one TD per game in last five and the strip-score vs. Redskins was testament to mentality of Sean Payton’s team. There is no quit.

2. Indianapolis Colts – Key turnovers help Indy slam door on Titans win streak. Colts tie New England’s all-time win record of 21 wins.

3. Minnesota Vikings – Favre and Vikings defense look pedestrian in road loss; LB EJ Henderson’s leg is broken and he is done for the year.

4. New England Patriots – Playing away from home haunts Pats as team loses back-to-back for first time in 50 tries.

5. Cincinnati Bengals – Late score against Bengal prevent ruins ATS cover for Bengal backers but almost everything else was done right. Time of possession more than 38 minutes and if it hadn’t been Lions Cinci may jumped the Pats.

6. Philadelphia Eagles – Jeers turned into cheers as Andy Reid opens Michael Vicks playbook and sets offense on dominate-mode.

7. San Diego Chargers – Win over Browns not nearly as close as final score indicates. LT reached the 150 career TD mark this week faster than any other player in league history. That’s 15-straight December wins for the Bolts.

8. Arizona Cardinals – Captain Kurt getting his rally cap on as Cards play their game of the year.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers – HC Tomlin calling for changes but it’s starting to look like Steelers lack ability to backup his tough-talk. WR Hines Ward (hamstring) looking doubtful for Thursday night at Cleveland.

10. Denver Broncos – "Over" trend continues for Broncos in December at Arrowhead. 44 points is Denver’s highest point production since 2005.

11. Dallas Cowboys – December woes continue as the Boys get swept by G-Men. Forget pointing fingers at QB Romo, try looking at coverage teams that surrendered 165 return yards in one game.

12. Baltimore Ravens – Ravens still in hunt for Wild Card spot although you wouldn’t know it by way they played Monday Night vs. Packers.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jaguars come away with another win! Quick, someone tell the city they have a team. Paid attendance was 42 079; real attendance looked more like 25 000.

14. Miami Dolphins – Chad Henne makes 52 attempts and racks up 335 yards to give Marino faithful upset of the year. Dolphins are 5-0 in December under Tony Sparano.

15. Green Bay Packers – WR Donald Driver having one of his better years and that is saying an awful lot; became tenth Packer with 50-plus TDs all-time in second quarter vs. Ravens.

16. Houston Texans – Anyone that started watching five minutes late must have done a double-take when they saw Rex Grossman throwing passes. Matt Schaub returned but honestly, did anyone expect Schaub to play more than 12 games this year?

17. Tennessee Titans – QB Young looked intimidated by Colts defense. Titans defenders made great tackles but problem is that they were making them after Indy had made big gains; too little too late.

18. New York Giants – Rumbling, stumbling; Giants didn’t get huge rushing yards but they got the ones that counted.

19. Atlanta Falcons – QB Matt Ryan could potentially return this week as 6-6 SU Falcs inch closer to falling off the edge of playoff hopefuls.

20. Carolina Panthers – Matt Moore breathes new life into Panthers offense and 5-7 SU Panthers are left wonder why it took an injury to make them consider benching Jake Delhomme in the first place.

21. New York Jets – Sanchez is starting to run out of knees but he still wants to start this week at Tampa Bay.

22. Washington Redskins – Stories of the one that got away will never be able to top the one from FedEx Field this weekend.

23. Seattle Seahawks – All the Seahawks could use are a little more power and some explosiveness in their run-game. Wonder how they feel watching Leonard Weaver run the rock with Philly?

24. San Francisco 49ers – Heartbreaking loss on the road starting to make run at NFC West title look like a fantasy.

25. Chicago Bears – If there was ever a reason for a false sense of security it was demonstrated Sunday in Chicago’s win over the Rams.

26. Oakland Raiders – It may not have been Kenny “The Snake” Stabler leading team past Terry Bradshaw but let’s give QB Gradkowski credit. Huge road win for Raiders in Gradkowski’s home town.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Patriots think they have problems winning on the road; Tampa has now lost eight-straight away from home.

28. Kansas City Chiefs – Back-to-back home games against Denver and Cleveland are what Todd Haley’s team needs to cap average, first step of rebuilding year. Look for value on Chiefs against two teams that actually rate lower on our power rating chart.

29. Buffalo Bills – Maybe the extra rest will have Buffalo ready to explode this week at Kansas City Bills have now played five-straight road games without breaking 20-point barrier.

30. St. Louis Rams – Even the Bears could stop this punchless team.

31. Detroit Lions – Stafford finally takes enough punishment to sit down and QB Culpepper actually didn’t look too bad. We should see him start this week at Baltimore.

32. Cleveland Browns – News flash: Jimmy Clausen is foregoing senior year and entering NFL draft. Just keep losing guys, it’s over.

Good luck betting on all of this week’s NFL games.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Champions League Picks

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Wolfsburg v Manchester United

Tuesday, 8 Dec 2009 - 7.45 (live on Sky Sports 2)

The analysts from, including former footballer Steve Claridge and co-host James Eastham look at this Tuesday Champions League matchup.
Champions League

Taking on Manchester United in Tuesday's Champions League game against Wolfsburg looks like the value play to make in what could be a lively encounter.

The German side are eighth in the Bundlesliga after their 2-2 draw with Freiburg at the weekend and will be desperate for a victory to ensure progress in their first-ever Champions League campaign. Here at we think Wolfsburg won't win although they can definitely take a point out of the game and we favour backing the draw at a best-priced 12/5 with William Hill.

One point is exactly what Sir Alex Ferguson's side needs to secure top spot in their group and they will certainly settle for a draw on Tuesday night. There is more than a little frustration in the United camp that they are heading to Saxony still actually needing a point having unexpectedly lost 1-0 to Besiktas last time out.

Sir Alex Ferguson's plans are further complicated by the fact that Patrice Evra is his only fit, senior defender, meaning that the United manager's rearguard will certainly have a makeshift look.

Michael Carrick could once again fill in at centre back, with Darren Fletcher also helping out at the back as he did in the 4-0 win at West Ham at the weekend.

Youngsters Oliver Norwood, Matthew James, Magnus Eikrem, Cameron Stewart and Oliver Gill have all been taken to Germany, with Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov left at home. Finishing second would hardly be a disaster but United will want to head through to the knock out phase as group winners so back them to take the point needed back to Old Trafford with them. Betting Recommendation:

1.5pt on the draw at 12/5 with William Hill

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

South Africa v England 5th ODI Live Streaming

12.30GMT Friday, live on Sky Sports
Who can remember the World Cup in South Africa in 2003? Come on, cast your minds back to one of the great punting lessons learned and you could well win yourself a prize for the fifth one-day international between South Africa, who are 8-13, and England, 6-4 at Durban.
I will be doing updates and blogging at
South Africa v England
Okay, I’ll help out. England, who came into that tournament as no-hopers, would suddenly be labelled world beaters after they trounced Pakistan under the lights at Cape Town. James Anderson produced a brilliant bowling display to bowl their opponents out under lights.
Then, when it came to beating India in Durban, England suffered a heavy defeat. Under lights. Batting second. And those who had got all excited over their potential were left to scurry away with their tails between their legs.
It is a salutary lesson folks because we could be about to see a repeat. Of sorts anyway. South Africa, who find themselves 2-1 down, have suffered in reverse. They were talked up after winning under lights in Cape Town with a good bowling display under lights. Ahead of the game in Durban, they are no-hopers again.
The point is this: the matches discussed so far caused such fluctuations in emotion because they were, effectively, decided on the toss. Batting second under lights at Durban is just as hazardous as it is in Cape Town. Of the last 10 day-nighters at Kingsmead, seven have been won by the side batting first.

So just as we hailed Cape Town as a godsend for punters in this series, we must drive home the message again. Forget what the formbook says, forget the emotional clap trap spouted by supporters of both sides and do one thing, and one thing only: back the side which bats first.

Now whether you choose to do that with the fixed-odds bookmakers, the exchanges or on the spreads it is up to you. But be aware of how prices will react on each of them. The fixed-odds bookies will cut the side which bats first. That is a given. Hell, there will be some people who argue that is worth taking a chance on a 50-50 event that England bat first because it is the epitome of value. That’s fine.

South Africa v England 5th ODI Live Streaming

12.30GMT Friday, live on Sky Sports
Who can remember the World Cup in South Africa in 2003? Come on, cast your minds back to one of the great punting lessons learned and you could well win yourself a prize for the fifth one-day international between South Africa, who are 8-13, and England, 6-4 at Durban.
I will be doing updates and blogging at
South Africa v England
Okay, I’ll help out. England, who came into that tournament as no-hopers, would suddenly be labelled world beaters after they trounced Pakistan under the lights at Cape Town. James Anderson produced a brilliant bowling display to bowl their opponents out under lights.
Then, when it came to beating India in Durban, England suffered a heavy defeat. Under lights. Batting second. And those who had got all excited over their potential were left to scurry away with their tails between their legs.
It is a salutary lesson folks because we could be about to see a repeat. Of sorts anyway. South Africa, who find themselves 2-1 down, have suffered in reverse. They were talked up after winning under lights in Cape Town with a good bowling display under lights. Ahead of the game in Durban, they are no-hopers again.
The point is this: the matches discussed so far caused such fluctuations in emotion because they were, effectively, decided on the toss. Batting second under lights at Durban is just as hazardous as it is in Cape Town. Of the last 10 day-nighters at Kingsmead, seven have been won by the side batting first.

So just as we hailed Cape Town as a godsend for punters in this series, we must drive home the message again. Forget what the formbook says, forget the emotional clap trap spouted by supporters of both sides and do one thing, and one thing only: back the side which bats first.

Now whether you choose to do that with the fixed-odds bookmakers, the exchanges or on the spreads it is up to you. But be aware of how prices will react on each of them. The fixed-odds bookies will cut the side which bats first. That is a given. Hell, there will be some people who argue that is worth taking a chance on a 50-50 event that England bat first because it is the epitome of value. That’s fine.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week 13 NFL Power Rankings Picks

The biggest shakeup in the NFL Power ratings week 13 was in the middle of the pack and speaking of the Pack, they’re not done yet! Don’t count the Tennessee Titans out, either.

NFL Power Ranking teams in the top 10 are supposed to be built to win big games and in that respect, the Denver Broncos moved back into the upper class after a brief stint in the minors. Baltimore is getting oh so close but wins against a Pittsburgh team being run by Dennis Dixon and without Troy Polamalu have to be graded accordingly.

Overall, top 11 teams went 8-3 straight-up and four of these teams played each other so someone had to lose!

The biggest shakeup this week was in the middle of the pack and speaking of the Pack, they’re not done yet. Don’t count the Tennessee Titans out, either.

NFL Power Ratings for Week 13

week 13 NFL

1. New Orleans Saints – Special teams and defense have both seen the light in the Big Easy and this team just gets better. Darren Sharper starting to look like free agent signing of the year. Beating New England on Monday night was another big test they passed easily.

2. Indianapolis Colts – Most dangerous team in the league right until the final whistle. One away from tying New England’s all-time win record of 21-straight regular season wins.

3. Minnesota Vikings – MVP talks are starting for Favre and the way things are going, the mayor of Minneapolis should probably start packing up his desk.

4. New England Patriots – Playing away from home is starting to look like a weakness for Belichick and crew. Miami, Buffalo and Houston: Take notice.

5. Cincinnati Bengals – Proving that Oakland was only a small lapse, Bengals are back on target. Beating Cleveland is not grounds for a promotion, however. RB Benson returns this week vs. Detroit.

6. Dallas Cowboys – Sad-sack opponent helps Dallas add to its overrated November numbers. Note: Cowboys were 4-1 straight-up last month vs. opponents with combined record of 24-31 (.436).

7. San Diego Chargers – Saw what the Broncos could do on Thanksgiving Night vs. G-Men and responded with a 40-buger vs. a division rival. Any questions?

8. Philadelphia Eagles – Lack of finish in Philadelphia starting to become a real concern. Once again, why was Michael Vick brought in here?

9. Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger saga turning into a bad episode of Days of our Lives this week. Early prediction: Steelers will be the NFL’s Hard Knocks team for 2010.

10. Denver Broncos – Relegated to second place in the AFC West for the first time this year and Thursday we got to see how the Broncos would respond. Thanks to an overzealous cameraman, we were also able to hear Josh McDaniels’ thoughts on the subject!

11. Baltimore Ravens – Line movement was the story of the game against Pittsburgh and the first one (Baltimore -2.5) was much more accurate. OT win added to the list of phenomenal Sunday Nighters this year (Giants at Cowboys, Patriots at Colts…).

12. Arizona Cardinals – Latest victim of the resurgent Vince Young. Super Bowl losers do not have a good record the following year (71-100-2 ATS since 1999). Cards are starting to fade.

13. Green Bay Packers – Impossible to gauge impact of injuries on defense against woeful Lions squad. Week 13 Monday Night Football vs. Baltimore will be a day of reckoning.

14. Houston Texans – All style, no substance. You would think coach Kubiak would know better by now.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars – After the 41-0 blip in Seattle the Jags went on a 4-1 tear; the only loss coming against the Titans. Houston comes to Florida in Week 13 and these ratings will likely be different following that contest.

16. Miami Dolphins – An off-game against a bad squad is okay now and then but not when it’s divisional. Fish get break with Pats also losing.

17. Tennessee Titans – Mental errors at the end of the first-half were shades of a potential collapse for Vince Young. Instead, he inspires fifth-straight Titan power rating jump of the season.

18. New York Giants – Eli Manning’s problems with his foot are starting to look like the kind of thing that will cost his team a trip to the playoffs this year. Look for David Carr to finish this season as the starter.

19. Atlanta Falcons – Falcons offense is falling apart and it looks like this team will have to start planning for next year. Matt Ryan has already been ruled out for game against Philly.

20. San Francisco 49ers – At one point vs. the Jaguars Mike Singletary was between the hash marks attempting to call a timeout. Don’t ever question depth of Niners at linebacker.

21. New York Jets – Mark Sanchez has tweaked his left knee and given the state of this season we should expect the Jets’ run-game to start dominating the offensive playcalling.

22. Carolina Panthers – If you believe that handicapping turnovers is impossible to do you may want to cross the Panthers off your list each week of games to bet on.

23. Washington Redskins – Fantasy alert for next season! Remember Quinton Ganther as a bench running back; seriously. Behind 3rd stringer Rock Cartwright the second year Ganther averaged 6.4 RYPC vs. Philadelphia.

24. Seattle Seahawks – Good for you Seattle, you’ve now outscored the Rams 55-17 this year. Too bad Seattle is -65 net points against all other opponents.

25. Chicago Bears – Sounds like a lot of fingers in the Windy City starting to point at Jay Cutler. Do they not remember how bad Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton were?

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Should have won straight-up vs. Atlanta but seven-straight goal line stops in final minutes are asking a bit much.

27. St. Louis Rams – Spagnuolo sets new record for home losses as first year Rams head coach.

28. Buffalo Bills – Bills blowout Dolphins; Terrell Owens is happy again. Maybe Ralph Wilson should save a few million and just name Perry Fewell the new coach.

29. Kansas City Chiefs – Chiefs are home for three-straight starting this week vs. Denver, Buffalo and Cleveland. Given history of success in December at Arrowhead it may not be a bad idea to just play ON Kansas City all three weeks.

30. Oakland Raiders – If there was a stat for consistently having at least one good play on every drive the Raiders would actually rate fairly well.

31. Detroit Lions – Toughness aside, when do say enough is enough and sit the future of your franchise down before he gets killed.

32. Cleveland Browns – Cleveland will occupy this spot until they can win another game. It wouldn’t be right to move them ahead of the Lions, now would it?