Monday, August 31, 2009

NFL Betting: Bets On Preseason Football

NFL Betting: Bets On Preseason Football: With less than two weeks left until the NFL sports betting hits full stride, take advantage of the time to prepare a winning strategy.

At betrepublic, we provide sports bettors with betting strategies they can use all year. Let’s a have a look at a few key sports betting tips that can help you

NFL Gambling - For anyone that bets on preseason football, the final two weeks of August have felt like anything but dog days. NFL games being played on four, even five days per week. Odds for NCAA football games already popping up at your online sportsbook, (courtesy of the good people in Las Vegas), and then there’s baseball. As if keeping up with the demands of a winning bankroll in baseball weren’t tough enough already.

If it’s been starting to bog you down, relax. Take a timeout and consider a couple things before making your next bet.

Fall has always been considered a sports bettors paradise. Baseball will be into the post-season, basketball joins the mix and football games will actually count to the players, not just the people betting them. What you do between now and the hardcore betting season could have a major impact on how your account performs when the action hits its high.

- Adjust your mind-set: Each Major League Baseball team has a little over 30 games left to play in the regular season. A lot of clubs know they don’t have a shot at a pennant and are forced to accept it; even the stubborn ones that you knew were done back in June. It’s going to affect how they play and that means adjusting the way you bet.

Angles and systems that worked throughout the season need to be monitored more closely now. Note call-ups and how much work they’re getting. Basically, think back to the way you bet baseball during the first month of the year. September ball is a different animal and the right approach can make it the most profitable month of the season.

- Pick your spots: It’s easy to get swept up in the hype leading into NFL betting during Week 1 but there’s nothing that will boost your confidence more than a winning record through the preseason. To help try and achieve that goal, resist the urge to make bets ‘just for action.’ Do some research, find a solid angle and bet it. Week 3 is the most important week of the exhibition season. Starters will see ample playing time and it’s a good spot for sharp bettors to look for value.

- Get ready: Waiting until the actual first week of the football season before getting organized is like last minute shopping – it’s easy to overlook something important. Get a book setup for tracking your plays, make sure your online account has a decent balance to start the year off right, watch the preseason games you’re betting and scout the Week 1 card in advance.

The one advantage we have on our side right now is time. De-stress ahead of the regular season and prepare to produce your best records yet.

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