Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Venus Williams and Serena Williams are ready for retirement?

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Venus Williams and her sister, Serena Williams, will be participating at the WTA Championships in Doha where they said in an interview that retirement is not an option.

Venus and Serena not only made it into the championships in singles but also in doubles.

“Singles is something which I usually expect at the end of the year to be here. But doubles, that’s not something I expect. So it’s definitely exciting,” said Venus.

“It was kind of a secret goal of Serena and I to get to the doubles here.”

“Serena and I are playing at a level that would keep us here for quite a few years longer. This is very good news for us,” added Venus.

“At the end of the year, I’m feeling like I’m ending on a high note.

“I’m at the point in my career where I’ve been very successful at every tournament just about, almost on every surface. For me it’s about obviously playing great tennis, adding to my repertoire, my game, continuing to get better, to enjoy the challenge while being on top.” she said.

Serena said she is feeling very determined to keep playing, an ambition fuelled by reaching world number ranking again.

“I’m feeling good. I actually feel way more energized than I did last year, so that’s a good thing,” said Serena.

“I think as I get older, my priorities change more towards tennis. I want to play more. I want to enter more tournaments. I want to play more doubles. I think my career has been really more focused onto tennis.”

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