Saturday, November 7, 2009

Watch India Vs Australia 6th ODI Match Live Streaming Cricket Scorecard

Watch Live Match Now India vs Australia 6th ODI Live Streaming

India vs Australia 6th ODI Nov 8 Sunday
Nehru Stadium
Guwahati 09:00

So, whom do you think will win 6th ODI India Vs Australia Match? It’s the 6th ODI of the Series and let me make you know that the last match which was 5th ODI India Vs Australia at Hyderabad was won by Australia with 3 Runs and Australia lead the series with 3-2.

The lack of Consistency is making india loose all the matches.

After courting defeat in the 5th ODI from the jaws of victory, Indian captain M S Dhoni said that India could not win the mental battle against Australia in Hyderabad.

I don`t think it was the talent part. I think it was the mental part, where you know you can play a big shot and you back yourself to do that,??? Dhoni said. ???At times you just go through the motions, you don`t know if such a shot is needed or not.???

Dhoni also said that India could not come up with one last minute knock-out punch which might win them the close game. ???We came very close, but the one last effort that we needed as a team we couldn`t put in???, Dhoni said after the match.

Dhoni also conceded the fact that dropping so many catches is one of the reasons behind India???s downfall. ???We dropped three catches. One of them was tough,??? Dhoni said.

We lost too many wickets in the middle order. Myself, Gauti [Gautam Gambhir], Yuvraj , we got out pretty quickly. We could have done better. Though it was a very good track to bat, you still need a serious effort to get close to 350. If we had stopped them to 330 or 325, we would have had a better chance.???

I am not saying they could have kept them to 270, but even if they could have kept them down to 320, it would have been a completely different game. On these wickets, when there is no seam or swing, experience comes in.

I will update the winning news as it happens the Nov 8 Sunday, Nehru Stadium, Guwahati at

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