Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NBA Sixth Edition Power Rankings

The only Milwaukee Bucks and New Jersey Nets teams to not move a position were the top three teams.

Everyone voted the New Jersey Nets dead last, as evidenced by their Average Ranking of 30.00. New Jersey Nets need to stop winning, the worst season EVER is within sight!

The biggest gainers were the Oklahoma City Thunder moving up 5 spots and the Philadelphia 76ers moving up 5 spots, An average each team moving up 5 spots.

After being the biggest gainer Memphis Grizzlies last edition, the Memphis Grizzlies settled into the much more comfortable position of the biggest loser, dropping down 8 spots to #19
Somewat the Charlotte Bobcats(#14) are six spots higher than the Milwaukee Bucks (#20), despite the fact that the Milwaukee Bucks are currently in the playoffs in the East, while the Charlotte Bobcats are not. #mindboggling

Charlotte Bobcats is somehow also ahead of the seventh seed in the East, the Miami Heat (#16). And... the sixth seed (Chicago #17).

The Minnesota Timberwolves moved up one spot to #28. S l o w and steady wins the race!

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Ricky said...

Memphis Grizzlies really played well in the last season. Hope to see a better performance this time from them this year to increase NBA Basketball Odds.