Monday, March 8, 2010

Gimnasia La Plata vs Rosario Central Argentina Primera Division Match

The match between Gimnasia La Plata v Rosario Central Argentina Primera Division game will be played on today 8-3-2010, kick off at 23:10 CET in Juan Carlos Zerillo.

Having just jumped over the relegation line, Gimnasia has to face one of their rivals for the category. Undefeated since the third week, the Lobos are slowly recovering their level, an determination shines forth in Diego Cocca's eyes. Team's goalkeeper, Gaston Sessa, is aware of the danger their opponent's can pose during a corner kick, but he's confident his defensive line can neutralize any danger.
The Canallas suffered another loss against Arsenal, and now they must get used to share the bottom position with Atletico Tucuman. It is uncertain what's going wrong with Rosario Central, as Jonathan Gomez and Lucho Figueroa, among others are showing a high level of football. But without Jesus Mendez (playing for Boca Juniors) Cuffaro Russo's team lacks the order to turn danger into pain.

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