Friday, June 18, 2010

2010 World Cup Live Slovenia vs United States

2010 World Cup Live Slovenia vs United States Live Streaming

Friday June 18, 2010 16:00 CET

Slovenia vs United States Live Soccer Betting Tip : In the 2010 World Cup Round 2 match race between these two nations Slovenia vs. USA in group C will begin meeting today at the stadium, Ellis Park, Johannesburg, South Africa, Friday, June 18 2010.

Both teams had good first result and a draw, they would increase the suspense in group C before the final round of matches after a draw with England surprisingly.

The football team now finds itself in a very different favorites, the Americans have something to prove and the possibility of being taken more seriously in the world of football.

Slovenia is another team that is difficult to understand so far. He triumphed in Algeria, but the Algerians were widely finish last in group C. This means that bettors do not know what to expect from Slovenia for the moment.

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