Saturday, July 10, 2010

2010 World Cup Predictions Octopus Paul Choices Spain , Spain as World Cup 2010 Winner ?

The squid has become a great success that the two TV networks stopped broadcasting their programs to the eight-legged invertebrates choose their choice of who wins the World Cup in South Africa.

Paul's election was also broadcast live in many European countries. The squid two years, which was defined as a celebrity who usually chooses the German game, but contains an exception for the final of the World Cup which will be between Spain vs Holland.

It was further found that Paul octopus chose the final winner very quickly by selecting from Spain in three minutes, if your previous choices had been made up to 70 minutes.

This led to his bosses and the media to believe that Spain beat Holland presumably comfortable easily fracture line. Octopus has also adopted the German will be a relief when he chose Germany beat Uruguay World Cup third place match.

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