Thursday, July 8, 2010

Scottish Open 2010

Scottish Open 2010 : A coachload of American tourists in by the side of the Bonnie Banks. Lucas Glover was in his track and looking perplexed.

Fred Funk was sniffing the air and the queues to see John Daly walked in dressed in jeans and a baseball cap and slipped a cigarette Razorbacks in the package.

They seemed more interested in finding a McDonald's, but someone told them that a golf tournament was about to explode. The Scottish Open at Loch Lomond has always felt a bit like a waiting room for the real thing.

This is a tournament than a golf course very well, but Phil Mickelson and nine other Americans would not be here unless they are prepared to play the U.S.

Maybe he has a concession in St Andrews next week.But while the Americans were dominating the immediate landscape, the conversation was strangely dominated by someone who is not even here. No, I don’t mean Tiger Woods, but the mop-haired one from Hollywood.

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