Tuesday, August 10, 2010

India’s Struggle for Second Position in Tri-Series

India needs to win against New Zealand in Today's match. India with 118 points can rank in the second position. If India wins all the matches then, it will get 125 rating points.

If India looses every ODI, then they would drop to 6th place from 2nd position with 111 rating points.

If India loses today's match against New Zealand then, they will be shifted by the Kiwis from second place. But, the kiwis need to beat Sri Lanka in their next match to reserve their position.

Sri Lanka has chances to rank in second place. However, they must win all their four matches and hopefully, New Zealand wins in either of the two ODIs against India.

Australia is in the first position with 132 points and New Zealand (114) is placed fourth, while Sri Lanka (111) is in sixth position behind England (113).

ODI Ratings:
ODI rankings for batsmen: Mahendra Singh Dhoni with (807) leads the field
ODI rankings for bowling: Daniel Vettori leads, but he will lose points for missing the series, as a player loses 0.5 percent of its ratings points for each ODI he misses.
ODI all-rounder ranking: Oram currently occupies sixth position.

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