Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Pickup Basketball Player, Jefferson Thomas Passed Away

Jefferson Thomas, 67, was a pickup basketball player known as "Little Rock Nine," passed away on Sunday.

Thomas is an African American among the nine students in the little rock high school. The little rock member, Trickey Brown stated that Thomas was dead in Ohio.

Thomas is a great athletic and he plays basketball with the white students in 1950s. The little rock foundation stated that, Thomas was died due to cancer.

The famous wordings stated by Thomas is "One of them said, 'Well I don't mind playing basketball or football with you or anything. You guys are good at sports. Everybody knows that, but you're just not smart enough to sit next to me in the classroom,'"

The President, Bill Clinton stated that, Thomas is great person and a good public servant.

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Anonymous said...

who every wrote this needs to proof read he is dead that means past tense but that s sad