Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Phoenix vs Portland Highlights

Portland won the game against Phoenix suns on Tuesday night. Steve Nash from Phoenix score 26 points, where as Brandon Roy scored 24 points.

Rebound Stats, Jason Richardson from Phoenix with 6 rebound and Nicolas Batum with 11 rebounds.

In the first round, Phoenix scored 26 points and Portland scored 28 points. In the second round Phoenix scored 20 points and Portland scored 22 points, which are 4 points ahead against Phoenix by Portland at the end of 2nd round.

In the third round, Phoenix scored 35 points and Portland scored 25 points. In the last round (4th round)Phoenix scored 11 and Portland scored 31 points, which lead the Portland victory against Phoenix.

Final score of Phoenix: 92

Final score of Portland: 106

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