Monday, April 5, 2010

Former WWE and WCW Wrestler Chris Kanyon Dies

Chris Kanyon (real name Chris Klucsaritis) died Friday night, according to multiple Internet reports. He was 40. is reporting that Kanyon’s death is believed to be a suicide from an overdose of pills.

Kanyon – who wrestled in WCW from the late ’90s to 2001 and then worked a few years for WWE – had spoken in the past about suffering from bipolar disorder.

Kanyon was an underrated worker who at one point was dubbed “The Innovator of Offense” in WCW. His first significant role in the company was as masked wrestler Mortis in 1997. He eventually dropped that gimmick and formed The Jersey Triad with Diamond Dallas Page and Bam Bam Bigelow in 1999.Kanyon received his biggest push in 2000 after turning on feuding with Page during WCW’s final year in business.
He went to WWE after the company purchased WCW in 2001, but he was never given a push and was released in early 2004.

Kanyon, who made headlines a few years ago by announcing his homosexuality, made sporadic appearances on independent shows in the years after his WWE release.

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