Monday, April 5, 2010

Donovan Mcnabb Traded to Washington Redskins Super Bowl News

Donovan Mcnabb Traded to Washington Redskins News Update – here we are on the news detail for the most controversial trade in for the super bowl drafts, the 2011 draft isnt out yet, but a lot of predictions are already leaking all over the place,Donovan McNabb who was in the Eagles for 11 years has now been traded to the Washington redskins which is a division rival for the Eagles. The Announcement was made sunday night this April 4, 2010,

The eagles will get the 37th overall pick in this year’s draft in exchange for Donovan Mcnabb, thats the terms for the Donovan Mcnabb Traded to Redskins deal. The 3rd or 4th round pink in the 2011 draft will go to the Eagles.

This decision was already clear that kevin Kolb will most like be the starting quarterback for the next coming season of superbowl. WithDonovan McNabb departing from being the most successful quarterback, what could the eagles be planning this time? We was able to lead the eagles to 5 NFC championship.

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